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Rick Capone (1956-present) was born in Havertown, Pa., just outside of West Philadelphia. He has had a wide-ranging 30-plus year writing career. He began as a contract technical writer and worked in a number of different cities, and then spent 10 years at IBM writing manuals about personal computers in Boca Raton, Fla. and Research Triangle Park, N.C. He made a switch into journalism starting as a freelance writer while still working for IBM, before becoming a sports writer full time.

Rick’s sports writing career took him from South Florida to San Diego, Calif., where he was the editor of VolleyCentral.com, then back to Florida, where he became the editor of e-Sports.com. Eventually, he moved to Lexington, Ky. to become editor of Coaching Volleyball magazine for the American Volleyball Coaches Association, and then Sports Editor for The Woodford Sun, a weekly newspaper in Versailles, Ky., which is just outside of Lexington.

Today, Rick is mostly retired, and spends his time as a freelance writer/photographer and also assists in editing Sportswriters.com. In addition, he freelances horse racing articles and has written two books about Old Friends, a Thoroughbred retirement farm in Georgetown, KY., where he is also a volunteer and part owner of a retired mare named Miss Hooligan. He is currently working on his third book.