Wayne Gretzky rookie card is first in hockey to hit $1 million milestone in United States

Wayne Gretzky set another ice hockey record this week when his rookie card from 1979 was auctioned off for $1.3 million. It’s the first time a hockey card has sold for a seven-figure sum.

It would be very hard to uncover O-Pee-Chee’s Gretzky rookie card in perfect condition due to manufacturing problems in the late 1970s.

A number of bidders had expressed interest in the Gretzky O-PEE-Chee card, which last sold for $465.000 in 2016.

Because there is a shortage of Gretzky memorabilia, it will eventually overtake the trading cards of his NBA friend, Michael Jordan, as the overall market for sports memorabilia continues to skyrocket.

For example, there are over 300 rookie cards for Michael Jordan on Fleer with the same Gem Mint 10 rating as the Gretzky card.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Heritage Auctions, which sold the card, noted that there are only two of the Gretzky rookie cards rated Gem Mint 10.

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