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February 15, 2021


Is the Universal DH good/bad for MLB?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, MLB instituted the Designated Hitter rule for both the American League and the National League in 2020.  Joel Sherman of the NY Post states that the Universal DH is great for the game and should continue while Michael Brendan Dougherty of the National Review is firmly against it.

Is the Universal DH good/bad for MLB?

photo: Creative Commons

  • MLB should cave on universal DH for good of the game: Sherman

    Teams near unanimously want the designated hitter in the National League this year. The union is totally in favor. Yet, at this moment, there is no universal DH for 2021.

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  • Against the Universal DH

    MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, the owners of baseball’s thirty major-league clubs, and the players union haven’t quite yet agreed to play games this year. The only thing they have agreed to do is to erase a hallowed tradition, by expanding the designated hitter to the National League for this season.

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Key points:

MLB should cave on universal DH for good of the game: Sherman

MLB does not want to relent and just apply the universal DH because It would be giving away something for nothing.

MLB hardly wants union leadership crowing to its constituency: “See if we hang tight and keep saying, ‘no,’ MLB will eventually cave.”

MLB should violate Negotiating 101 anyway because it is right for the game.

Is the Universal DH good/bad for MLB?

The triumph of the designated hitter over the National League is a triumph of intellectual sloth and self-delusion.

In reality both the authorities in baseball and the authorities on baseball have blinded themselves to the value of tradition and continuity to the game itself.

It is, in short, time to stand athwart baseball yelling Stop!



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3 comments on this Post:

  • RickC

    February 17, 2021 10:28 pm


    I like the argument for the universal DH. It would be good for the game.

  • Lance Casual

    February 15, 2021 2:54 pm


    Pitchers still have an advantage even with the DH. Let's keep more hitting in the game!

  • NeverMore1

    February 15, 2021 2:53 pm


    The DH makes MLB unique, and adds to the intrigue of the game. Why mess with tradition?