Titans’ Davis cries on field a day after brother Titus dies of cancer

A tearful Tennessee Titans’ wide receiver Corey Davis fulfilled the last promise he made to his older brother, Titus, by ignoring his own grief and playing in Thursday night’s game in Nashville against the Indianapolis Colts.

His brother had died the day before the game at the age of 27 of renal cancer.

Although no one would have criticized Corey had he chose to sit out Thursday’s game, the 25-year-old decided that his older would have wanted him to play against the Colts.

Davis said he was inspired by his brother, who played at Central Michigan University and set the school record for total yards (3,700) and touchdowns (37).

“That’s my biggest fan,” Corey said of his brother after his 67-yard performance, during which he caught five passes. The Titans eventually lost to the Colt, 34-17.

Titus, who played at Western Michigan University, was selected by the Titans in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft as the fifth overall pick.

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