Mike McCarthy smashes watermelons with sledgehammer to ignite Cowboys

Prior to their game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, Dallas Cowboy head coach Mike McCarthy used a technique made famous by a well known comedian, Gallagher, to motivate his team.

Using a sledgehammer, McCarthy began smashing watermelons with the team’s objectives written on them at a pre-game meeting.

“We had to actually take our own watermelons with us because it’s a little harder to find big watermelons in Minneapolis this time of year than Dallas, from what I was told,” McCarthy said, per ESPN. “So a lot of planning goes into that, and most importantly we were able to get it done right, and the cleanup was efficient. The hotel was a little concerned there.”

McCarthy went down the line of watermelons, read the team objective written on it, and then, to the absolute delight of his players, used a sledgehammer to smash the watermelons to smithereens.

Without question, his unique motivational technique worked. The Cowboys defeated the Vikings 31-28, which puts them just a half game out of first place in the NFC East with a 3-7 record. Wow!

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