Judge rejects attempt to force MLB All-Star game to return to Georgia

The All-Star game will not be returning to Atlanta, Georgia, following a decision by U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni of Manhattan, who rejected an attempt to force the game’s return to the city.

MLB had initially scheduled the game to take place in Atlanta next month, but it was moved earlier this year in response to Georgia’s voter-restriction law.

The Job Creators Network, on behalf of Atlanta’s small businesses, filed a lawsuit on May 31, saying that businesses in the metro region would lose $100 million without the All-Star Game. They demanded the game to take place in Atlanta on July 13.

However, the judge said that the lawsuit had failed to prove that its members have suffered any harm by the decision to move the game.

“MLB voted with its feet when politicians in Georgia made a policy decision with which [MLB] strongly disagreed,” Caproni said. “For all this court knows, many of the small business owners in the Atlanta area agree with MLB that the policy decisions reflected in the new Georgia election law are poor policy choices.”

She added: “But whether small business owners as a group agree or disagree, are deeply divided or are agnostic on that issue, it is hard to see how MLB’s decision had an impact on the equal protection rights of small business owners as a group.”

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