Jeff Garcia rips Cam’s outfit after benching

Jeff Garcia rips Cam’s outfit after benching
Oct 26
Source : Creative Commons

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia denounced New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton’s clothing in the aftermath of Sunday’s 33-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, stating that Newton, the former NFL MVP in 2015, played so badly that he should not be conspicuously dressed.

“You go out in this game with two touchdowns, four interceptions. You throw what? Three more interceptions? You get wobbled in the second half,” Garcia said.

Then, after Newton went on to compare himself with Hall of Famer Joe Namath who wore fur coats before and after playing, Garcia said, “When you predict you’re going to win a Super Bowl and you go out and do it, wear whatever the hell you want.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters after the game that Newton will remain the starter despite his benching.

Newton, who has been sloppy in his first season with the Patriots, was just 9-for-15 with 98 passing yards and three interceptions in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.

Signed during the offseason following Tom Brady’s move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Newton has thrown for 969 yards in five games this season.