Features Coming Soon

A big part of SportsWriters is our transparency in providing you with the knowledge of what’s coming next.  Not only that, we provide you with a way to suggest and vote on upcoming features to supplement the work we already have on tap.

Some of the great new features being considered include:

  • New and improved writer features including our own writers.
  • Videos.
  • Links to published works, books, and appearances for top sportswriters.
  • City directories.
  • Lifestyle content.
  • Info graphics.
  • Author spotlights.
  • Advanced player and team stats.
  • Alerts and notifications.

Some of the recent features just released:

  • Player Profiles.
  • Writer Tweets.
  • Sortable Stats.
  • City Landmark with hover over descriptions.

Have an idea for something else you’d like to see on the site? Let us know.

Feedback & Ideas