> Saints, Tyrann Mathieu agree to three-year, $33 million deal NFL

Saints, Tyrann Mathieu agree to three-year, $33 million deal

Saints, Tyrann Mathieu agree to three-year, $33 million deal

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May 05
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Former Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has reportedly signed a three-year, $33 million contract, with $18 million guaranteed, to join the New Orleans Saints after several weeks of free agency.

As a New Orleans native who spent his college years with the LSU Tigers, Mathieu always wanted to play with the Saints.

The three-time first-team All Pro spent eight seasons outside the state of Louisiana since 2013 when he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.

Later he took his talents to the Houston Texans and, recently, the Kansas City Chiefs, where he was part of the team that won Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers 31–20.

"This was the place I've always wanted to be. And I think most people around me, they wanted that, too,"

- Tyrann Mathieu

"New Orleans has always been a great place, this has always been a great community. I think 10, 11 years ago, when I was a 20-year-old kid, I think it was just important for me to kind of remove myself from certain things, certain environments,"

- Tyrann Mathieu

He's Really Good!

Over the course of his eight seasons as a pro, Mathieu has amassed 610 tackles, 26 interceptions, 10 sacks, and four forced fumbles. After helping bring the Lombardi Trophy to Kansas City, the three-time All-Pro will now return to New Orleans, the city that raised him.

"From there it was just about everything coming together, aligning. But I've kind of been manifesting this for a while now. Just to have this opportunity means a lot to me."

- Tyrann Mathieu


The year 2011 was a great year for Tyrann Mathieu while attending LSU where he won the following awards:

Chuck Bednarik Award (2011)
SEC Defensive Player of the Year (2011)
Consensus All-American (2011)
First-team All-SEC (2011)

What's next for Mathieu

The Pro Bowler also talked about playing in the same division with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and veteran quarterback Tom Brady since he is now a Saints player.

“I’ve played against him maybe four or five times in my career already. I think we both know each other really well. … Tom Brady is one of the best. So it’ll be great to compete against him twice a year and, hopefully, we can make it count,” Mathieu said.  Last season, Mathieu played 16 games and recorded a total of 76 tackles with three interceptions for Kansas City.

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    Tyrann Devine Mathieu is an American football safety for the New Orleans Saints. He played college football for Louisiana State University .