> MLB: Rob Manfred declares peace, offers headphones after lockout MLB

MLB: Rob Manfred declares peace, offers headphones after lockout

MLB: Rob Manfred declares peace, offers headphones after lockout

Apr 12
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In an effort to smooth out the relationships between owners and players following “previous inconveniences,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred handed out gift boxes to players, which contained a pair of headphones and a heartwarming note of appreciation during the opening weekend.

Manfred praised the players as the league is starting its new season, adding “being a Major Leaguer is an extraordinary accomplishment.” The 63-year-old continued to sing high praise for players’ dedication to the league.

However, the media and MLB enthusiasts are not buying the gesture after the apparent effort of punishing players following the failed negotiations, where the two parties were only able to reach common ground earlier in March this year.

CBS’ Michael Hurley dubbed the negotiations as a set of dishonest negotiations. The aftermath did nothing but further separate the owners and players.

The owners claimed a huge number of losses took place during the pandemic, which rendered them unable to compromise with the players’ financial demands.

“Please accept this gift as a small gesture of my appreciation for the hard work that comes with being a Major Leaguer and your respect for our incredible fans. Thank you for everything you do in a game that has such a rich history and deep meaning to our fans in the U.S. and around the world. Wishing you the best of luck for a successful season,” Manfred’s letter concludes.

But, it seems it will take more than Manfred’s gift boxes to repair the contentious lockout.

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