> MLB, MLBPA to resume CBA negotiations MLB

MLB, MLBPA to resume CBA negotiations

MLB, MLBPA to resume CBA negotiations

Feb 22
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MLB and MLBPA are set to resume collective bargaining negotiations (CBA) on Monday at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida.

The negotiations are crucial in baseball as the CBA governs all aspects concerning the league, from sports-related to labor, salary, and many more.

Recent developments surrounding the negotiations suggests that MLB has offered multiple proposals to the MLBPA, per The Athletics’ Evan Drellich. His tweet reads:

“Meeting breaking up. Among MLB proposals today: MLB raised its prearbitration bonus pool $5 million, to $20 million. Still a very large gap compared to players’ proposal. MLB also proposed to allow one more draft pick to be determined by lottery, now top 4. Players had proposed 8.”

Furthermore, MLB has increased its arbitration bonus pool from $15 million to $20 million set to pay 30 players. In addition to that, the league also has proposed a lottery to decide the first four picks of the MLB draft instead of the top three picks.

However, both the league and the union remain separated when it comes to the amount for the pre-arbitration pool and draft picks. While the MLB opted for $20 million, the MLBPA on the other offered $115 million to be paid on 150 players and the first eight picks up to be decided by the lottery.

MLB also declined to make any adjustments to its proposed competitive balance tax (luxury tax) rates, which keep on increasing throughout the year from $214 million in 2022 to $222 million in the final year of the agreement.

While several owners and players are set to join the negotiations, further development is expected to take place prior to the deadline on February 28. If not, the sport’s regular season will not start on time.

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