> MLB, MLBPA discuss ‘ghost win’ format on Sunday MLB

MLB, MLBPA discuss ‘ghost win’ format on Sunday

MLB, MLBPA discuss ‘ghost win’ format on Sunday

Mar 07
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After the unfruitful formal session on last Tuesday, the MLB and MLBPA resumed talks on Sunday. This time around, the League and its players’ association discussed a “ghost win” playoff format in the League, which could be a potentially major change to the sport’s playoffs.

The two sides remain far separated when discussing luxury tax, minimum salary and bonus pool for eligible pre-arbitration players. Further separation is taking place as both owners and the union also disagreed on the new CBA deal.

These disagreements are made at the expense of some of the League’s games being canceled by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and delayed to March 31 instead.

A brand new event has unfolded with multiple reports suggesting both sides are looking to change the sport’s playoff format.

Union leader veteran Max Scherzer is favoring a “ghost win” format that would have the highest seed in the first round of a 14-team postseason start off a best-of-five series with a 1-0 lead.

All parties are looking to expand the postseason from 10 teams after the union has preferred 12, which led to all parties appearing to have been heading towards that format number. Scherzer added without the “ghost win” format, 12 made more sense. However, Scherzer continued that the union would consider 14 if the “ghost win” format is accepted.

MLB, however, is not that fond of the idea of implementing a ghost win format.

“In an effort to compromise, MLB accepted a 12-team format after the discussion of formats including a ‘ghost game.’ MLB made clear that the ‘ghost game’ raises serious issues and is not a viable path forward,” MLB spokesperson Glen Caplin said.

While the owners are less likely to be fond of the “ghost game” format, both parties appear to have been going in a clear direction to a 12-team format instead.

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