> MLB Lockout: No agreement reached yet, Rob Manfred cancels more games MLB

MLB Lockout: No agreement reached yet, Rob Manfred cancels more games

MLB Lockout: No agreement reached yet, Rob Manfred cancels more games

Mar 10
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Day 98 of the owner-imposed MLB lockout ended with the league not being able to see eye to eye with the players association. A collective-bargaining agreement between the two parties still has not been reached.

Until an agreement is reached, Commissioner Rob Manfred announced on Wednesday that the lockout will be extended and the season will remain on hold. The earliest Opening Day can be held is now April 14, 2022.

One of the key issues that has held up negotiations is the implementation of an international draft. The league proposed three options for an international player draft, all with qualifying offers for free agents tied to them.

However, the player association did not agree with that and proposed removing the qualifying offer component. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic revealed that the league declined to respond to that proposal.

The union refused to bow down to MLB’s resolution, notwithstanding the immense power the bosses have over the league.

“You can’t take a bad deal just to play, because it’ll affect not only you and the people around you, but it will affect generations to come,” said the leadership of the players association.

The first four series of the 2022 season have now been canceled by the league due to the lockout. With it extended, it is getting more and more doubtful if the league will be able to have a full 162-game season this year.

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