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Michael Jordan ‘ruined basketball’ says Scottie Pippen in his memoir

Michael Jordan ‘ruined basketball’ says Scottie Pippen in his memoir

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Nov 16
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Former Chicago Bulls forward and six-time NBA champions Scottie Pippen recently released his new memoir, “Unguarded,” where he shared his thoughts and feelings toward his former teammate Michael Jordan and former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause, and much more — and he did not hold back.

In the memoir, Pippen wrote that he was “a much better teammate than Michael ever was” and how his former boss Krause was “always looking” to “get rid” of him.

“I may go as far to say Mike ruined basketball,” Pippen said. “In the 80s on the playgrounds, you’d have everyone moving the ball around — passing to help the team. That stopped in the 90s. Kids wanted to be ‘Like Mike.’ Well, Mike didn’t want to pass — didn’t want to rebound, or defend the best player. He wanted everything done for him.”

Pippen also touched on the GOAT discussion between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. “That’s why I always believed LeBron James was the greatest player this game has ever seen — he does everything and embodies what the game is truly about,” the 56-year-old Pippen said.

Meanwhile, former NBA player Grant Hill, who used to play against Jordan and Pippen, expressed his opinion on the controversial headlines surrounding the MJ-Pippen relationship.

“It’s sad,” Hill said on ‘The Real Daytime.’ “We all watched The Last Dance, Michael, the greatness of those teams, Scottie, his contributions, his role. And just the greatness that they embodied. Just how together they were and how they dominated.

“It was tough for me because I am playing against them,” he continued. “But I am friends with both, and fans of both. You just hate to see that legacy now tainted by this sort of back and forth. Scottie has every right to tell his truth and share his struggles and frustrations. I wish it didn’t come to that, it’s unfortunate.”

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