> Malcolm Butler returns to Patriots with two-year deal NFL

Malcolm Butler returns to Patriots with two-year deal

Malcolm Butler returns to Patriots with two-year deal

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Apr 19
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Former Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler has reportedly signed a two-year, $9 million contract with the New England Patriots, the team that drafted him in 2014.

Butler said he was surprised New England contacted his agent.

“It came as a surprise,” Butler said. “My agent told me (Coach) Bill (Belichick) wanted to talk with me. I was happy. I started working out immediately because it could be a possibility that I could return.”

Many originally thought the 32-year-old would never come come to the Patriots after his shocking benching in Super Bowl LII.

“I didn’t expect to come back to New England,” Butler said following the Patriots’ offseason program. “But one thing I learned, you never burn your bridges down. You handle situations as a man, as a grown-up. If I didn’t do that, I don’t think I would have an opportunity to come back here.”

Butler signed his last professional contract with the Cardinals back in March 2021. However, five months later, the two-time Super Bowl champion decided to retire due to personal reasons.

“I came out of retirement because I love the game of football. I’m blessed to have another opportunity to play, thanks to the Patriots,” Butler said.

Butler added he has buried the hatchet about his unpleasant past with the Patriots and aimed to move forward.

"It wasn't hard. You keep your feelings in house. I had a talk with Bill Belichick, we had a talk about it like grown men...it's 2022, you can't live in the past."

- Malcolm Butler

"I ain't got too much to say about that. I'm trying to live in the present, I moved forward from that... I'm here for the Patriots."

- Malcolm Butler

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