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Colin Kaepernick participated in public skills exhibition, hoping for ‘a shot’ to return to NFL

Colin Kaepernick participated in public skills exhibition, hoping for ‘a shot’ to return to NFL

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Apr 04
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Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback now free agent Colin Kaepernick participated in a public skills session this weekend at Michigan University, hoping for another chance to play in the NFL.

The two-time WAC Offensive Player of the Year showed that he is still worthy of being a QB in the league, showcasing his arm strength and accuracy in his throwing, regardless of not being familiar with the receivers.

Moreover, Kaepernick did not shy away from demonstrating a full game’s worth of passes throughout the session and he appeared to have no power deficiency in his arm strength.

When asked about what is next for him, he simply replied with the hope for another chance.

“A shot,” Kaepernick said. “Just a chance, an opportunity. You know, a lot of what we’ve heard is, ‘Oh you haven’t played in five years, can you still play?’ Well, I had to come out, it’s part of the reason we’ve been doing all of the workouts publicly, releasing them publicly. Grateful that this is an opportunity that can lead to a next step and hopefully crack that door open so I can run through it.”

The 34-year-old has yet to give up his chance to play in the league after his departure in 2016 following his “on-field political statements.”

Kaepernick’s exhibition over the weekend did not come without the support of people prior to his departure from the sport, and the exhibition in Michigan is perhaps something to contemplate.

The former QB’s session at the “Big House” was also held during halftime of Michigan’s spring game. Additionally, the Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh reportedly was involved in organizing Kaepernick’s exhibition.

Notably, Harbaugh was the 49ers’ head coach in 2013 when both he and Kaepernick helped San Francisco during the team’s Super Bowl XLVII season.

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