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Cam Newton gives 50 free tickets to Panthers fans

Cam Newton gives 50 free tickets to Panthers fans

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Nov 19
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton held his first in-person interview since his return to Charlotte with a custom-made hat and a T-shirt changing his “I’m Back!” narrative to “We Back!”

The 32-year-old also promised to give 50 tickets to people who’ve never been to a game at Bank of America Stadium for Carolina’s game against Washington on Sunday.

“There’s no place I’d rather be on Sunday than Bank of America Stadium, because it will be a playoff atmosphere in more ways than one,” Newton said. “Let’s get back to getting that edge and bringing the pride back to Carolina how I once knew it to be.”

The former Patriots QB was a little testy when asked if he would start this Sunday.

“I don’t know,” said Newton, who scored two touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. “Do you know? Exactly. What sense does that make? Me telling you sitting in front of millions and millions of people? I’m looking forward to the opportunity, no matter how great or small.”

Newton also hopes that the promise he made to the Carolina Panthers fans would help drive his new narrative home and wishes the 50 lucky fans who receive the free tickets to cheer passionately.

“I know how it can be, I’m talking about when everybody is pulling in the same direction, I know how it can cause confusion for the opposing opponents,” said Newton. “When it’s described to me these days, I don’t hear that. I’m an action person. I know it’s going to take more than 50 people, but I want the people to know I am giving away an opportunity. I want people to understand, the fans to understand, we’re back, and it’s going to take a lot of people to jump on board to believe.”

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