> Brown’s Deshaun Watson met at least 66 women over 17 months NFL

Brown’s Deshaun Watson met at least 66 women over 17 months

Brown’s Deshaun Watson met at least 66 women over 17 months

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Jun 08
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The New York Times reported that Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Deshaun Watson is being accused of making sexual advances towards multiple massage therapists who are speaking out.

Watson previously said he hired around 40 massage therapists during his five years in Houston. However, the former Texans’ quarterback is said to have met with at least 66 women for massages over a stretch of 17 months from the end of 2019 until early 2021, which runs counter to his previous statements.

The Houston Texans, Watson’s former team, is now accused of providing him with a venue for the massages and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for the women to sign beforehand according to the New York Times story.

One woman ended a session after Watson suggested a sexual activity, according to the Times’s article. However, she signed the NDA because he told her she wouldn’t be paid otherwise.

“I specifically had to say, ‘No, I can’t do that,'” she said. “And that’s when I went into asking him, ‘What is it like being famous? Like, what’s going on? You’re about to mess up everything.’”

- Jenny Ventras - as told by anonymous person

NDA for a massage?

Watson reportedly received non-disclosure agreements from the Texans’ head of security, which were placed in his locker after one therapist threatened to post something on Instagram about him

That non-disclosure agreement was allegedly provided to Watson by Brent Naccara, a former Secret Service agent who serves as the Texans’ director of security. Watson reportedly received the document from Naccara after telling the Texans staffer about Instagram posts from one woman, Nia Smith, who was threatening to expose the quarterback’s behavior.

Smith, who last week became the 23rd woman to sue Watson, formerly worked at A New You Spa, located about 30 minutes from downtown Houston. Watson discovered the spa on Instagram in June 2020. Owner Dionne Louis runs the spa. In November 2020, Watson paid Louis $5,000 so that she could buy spa equipment.

"Deshaun continues to deny he did anything inappropriate with any of the plaintiffs."

- Rusty Hardin


Twenty-two women had already sued Watson before he was traded to the Browns. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, was contacted by another 18 people on his behalf. Watson was asked what the need for 40 different massage therapists was during his news conference March 25. Watson downplayed the high number by saying he met 40 women over five years.

“Forty is just over the time; it’s not in one period of time,” Watson said. “I’ve been in Houston five years, so you go to different people. I can’t get too far into the details, but as businesses work and you move and meet different people and people have different schedules and blocks, you kind of meet people over time.”

- Deshaun Watson

Dysfunction Junction

It really is a mess. His behavior is a result of his habit or fetish or compulsion or whatever to have so many different women give him massages, apparently with the door open for something else. Watson has become all too used to receiving or seeking “happy endings” during massages, according to Hardin on Friday.

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