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Aaron Rodgers’ $50 million salary rumor, drama with Green Bay Packers continues

Aaron Rodgers’ $50 million salary rumor, drama with Green Bay Packers continues

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Feb 28
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A recent development has surfaced that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly is prepared to demand a $50 million salary.

According to NBC Sports, an insider reported that the decision for Rodgers to stay or leave is not necessarily dependent on money. But recent reports suggest otherwise.

Former teammate Greg Jennings called out Rodgers as being selfish, while ProFootballTalk (PFT) tweeted Rodgers is not selfish as he has earned a $50 million salary.

“If Aaron Rodgers wants $50 million per year, he’s not being selfish. He’s being smart. He’s earned it; he should get it,” PFT’s tweet read.

Indeed, the 38-year-old MVP is worth more than $50 million, but seeing that the franchise has other free agents to take care of, and Rodgers’ has a salary cap of $46.8 million, the rumored $50 million salary is not as simple as many think it is.

However, the Packers can get around the salary cap issue by carrying over unused cap space. In that way, they could end the whole drama by offering the QB a major contract for at least two years with a $100 million salary.

But, it appears that the reality at hand is not about how much or how less, instead of whether it matters or not, since if Rodger wants out, the offer will not matter.

On a cryptic post on Instagram, it looks as if Rodgers is reflecting on his life and career as a professional athlete.

It remains uncertain how it will play out for both the Packers and Rodgers, but as the start of the new season is getting closer, fans might expect new developments sooner than expected.

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