Ex-wrestler Stephanie McMahon highlights importance of fans to WWE

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) chief brand officer and ex-wrestler, Stephanie McMahon, highlighted the importance of fans to WWE.

For the past 15 months, spectators have been missing from their shows. And now, the upcoming shows will allow fans at full capacity.

“Without our fans, we don’t have a product,” said McMahon. “We are so excited to return to our fans in July, and then again in August for SummerSlam. Our new tagline is ‘Then. Now. Forever. Together’. That word together means everything. This is something we’re going to feel, sharing this passion while we’re back together.

McMahon also shared how the pandemic has impacted WWE.

“From a business standpoint, our international expansion plans had to be put on hold,” McMahon said. “One of our focuses for growth is recreating what has been so successful in the United States and growing it internationally. Those plans were put on hold and we had to pivot. There were a lot of different adjustments. In terms of driving revenue from the sales and sponsorship perspective, we had to get very creative.”

WWE has been relying on its weekly television program during the pandemic. The fact that their shows never stopped airing convinced sponsors to stay.

“We found that our sponsors and partners wanted to stay with us,” she continued. “We’re on the air every week, and they knew they could rely on us. It was also important to invest in the ThunderDome. That was helpful for everyone, bringing in virtual fans with The Famous Group, connecting with fans all around the globe.

“It was a unique challenge, and I love a challenge, especially when something seems insurmountable. Our entire WWE team made us succeed during this pandemic. It’s a creative company, and we took pride in finding new ways to succeed as a group.”

WWE returns to the road starting this July. According to its schedule, WWE will show in 25 cities.

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Stephanie McMahon Levesque is an American businesswoman and retired professional wrestler. She is the chief brand officer of WWE and appears as an authority figure on the Raw, (wikipedia)

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