Foles seems increasingly frustrated with Nagy’s play calling

Are there problems brewing on the Chicago Bears’ sidelines?

There just might be as even Nick Foles seems fed up with the game calls made by Bears coach, Matt Nagy.

Chicago’s offense was struggling during the Bears’ 24-10 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Monday night’s game, which prompted former NFL quarterback Brian Griese, now working as a color analyst on “Monday Night Football,” to say something surprising during the fourth quarter of the broadcast.

According to Griese, Foles, who replaced Mitchell Trubisky as the Bears’ quarterback earlier this year, allegedly told him before the game that he sometimes knew he didn’t have time to finish the plays Nagy was calling.

“So in the process, we would go into situations in games, the discussions between coach Nagy and I, and our relationship. This included the detail of saying, ‘Hey, maybe we don’t have time to throw those type of balls right away, because of what they bring, and the pressure that they put on us,'” Griese said Foles told him.”It makes it easier to say, ‘Hey, one out, two out, three balls out.’ So, that’s the reason for the miscommunication.”

“That was definitely a miscommunication with Brian (Griese) and I.” Nick Foles

However, following the game, Foles did not agree with what Griese had said.

“That was definitely a miscommunication with Brian (Griese) and I,” Foles said.

If a starting quarterback is not a believer in the play calling of his head coach, the Bears offensive effort surely will suffer.

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