Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford to be traded

In an agreement brokered between the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford, their quarterback is not expected to return to the Lions this offseason, and the team is willing to entertain trade offers beginning this week, league sources said.

Stafford has played 165 games for the Lions since he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft

Stafford has 38 game winning drives and 31 fourth-quarter comebacks during his career, making him one of the better comeback quarterbacks in league history. Unfortunately, he never won a playoff game in Detroit.

Nevertheless, his career numbers are impressive. He has 45,109 passing yards, 282 touchdowns, 144 interceptions, and a 62.6 percent completion percentage.

Stafford is the latest in a long list of quarterbacks expected to be available this off-season.

In addition to Stafford being on the trading block, Houston could end up in the same situation with Deshaun Watson, while Philadelphia might opt to replace Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis has to replace the now-departed Philip Rivers, while New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Washington could all be in a similar situation with Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and Alex Smith, respectively.

Carolina will explore its options at the position, and there are unresolved quarterback issues with teams like Denver and San Francisco as well.  This will be a busy and interesting off=season.


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