DeChambeau’s unique approach on display at Masters

Bryson DeChambeau may seem like someone who has found all the answers to golf’s problems, but he knows he hasn’t.  So he goes to work like a mad scientist trying to improve a formula.

DeChambeau has always experimented with new technologies or methods to try and gain an edge. It is something that has previously annoyed some of golf’s more traditional members.

That meant adjusting DeChambeau-style irons so they were all the same length (like a six-iron) and floating his golf balls in Epsom salts to make sure they were perfectly rounded.

DeChambeau has been experimenting with a 47 ½-inch driver this week that’s nearly three inches longer than the average driver on tour and half an inch shorter than the maximum length allowed.

“Every day I’m trying to get faster and stronger and hit it as far as possible,” said the 235-pound DeChambeau, 27, who packed on 40 pounds over the past year with an intense weightlifting regimen. “I have no idea where the end game is on this. I’ve only seen improvements in strength increase. … I will say that I’m hitting it further now than I was the Shriners [last month], and I am hitting it further than the U.S. Open [in September.], and I’m trying a driver this week that may help me hit it a little bit further, so we’ll see. Still up in the air.”

“He’s put in the time,” Tiger Woods said of DeChambeau. “He’s put in the work. What he’s done in the gym has been incredible and what he’s done on the range and what he’s done with his entire team to be able to optimize that one club and transform his game and the ability to hit the ball as far as he has and in as short a span as he has, it’s never been done before.”

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