Cris Collinsworth Apologizes for “blown away” comment about female NFL fans

Cris Collinsworth is facing hostile opposition for saying he was “blown away” by some women’s knowledge of football during Wednesday afternoon’s broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens game that aired on NBC.

The 61-year-old broadcaster, who was in the studio as an NBC color commentator alongside NBC announcer Mike Tirico, found himself forced into what appeared to be a swift mea culpa after some found the comments sexist and condescending on social media.

The long-time commentator alluded to Steelers fans’ fervor throughout NBC’s broadcast of a rare NFL game Wednesday afternoon.

“Collinsworth’s intentions weren’t bad. It seems like he truly did want to highlight women who are really interested in the game, because as he mentioned in his apology, women have a hard time getting opportunities in football. But highlighting them because he was impressed that women are so intensely interested in the game? That’s not great.”                                      Liz Roscher, Yahoo sports

Female football fans have existed as long as there has been football – so they have always been intense, interested, excited, proud (but also with different emotions), as much as male supporters.

Collinsworth immediately issued an apology after social media erupted. 

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