Bettman: ‘It Would Be Cheaper for Us to Shut the Doors And Not Play’

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the league and its clubs would lose billions of dollars hosting a cut-off 2021 season largely without fans, but he believes getting through the pandemic and playing is crucial nonetheless.

When asked about the losses, Bettman said, “The magnitude of the losses when you add it all upstarts with a ‘B.’ We’re out of the ‘M’ range and into the ‘B’ range.”

Yeah, the NHL will lose money this season if it plays as scheduled. The other issue is how much will the players be contributing in the future in the way of escrow payments.

The NHL has been looking for creative ways to recoup its revenue, including the first-ever sale of naming rights to its division’s name and the possibility for teams to display promotional stickers on helmets, something he has not wanted to do.

Bettman has also officially announced he would have two outdoor games out in the Lake Tahoe Valley without fans.

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