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“I’m not certain why there is this desperation to pay Kyler. ‘Super talented headcase’ is a tale as old as time in the NFL. It’s arguably a top-three reason why any player goes bust. Ryan Leaf was in fact incredibly talented. As was Jamarcus Russell. As was Daryl Washington. The list is never ending. So why is Kyler any different? Stop pretending like there isn’t a problem when there is. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but Kyler has this disconnect.”

Wait, wait, wait. You are putting Kyler in the same bust category as Leaf and Jamarcus Russell? As Washington, who battled the drug policy (when Kyler has never broken one rule or gotten in any trouble whatsoever)? Those might be the worst comparisons I have ever heard about any player. Again, I get why people get frustrated with him for not attending OTAs. OK. But for someone who admits you “can’t put a finger on” his disconnect, you certainly tried, with horrific results. I know Murray had a terrible playoff game. You want to argue about how much he should be paid, fine. But let’s stop with the hyperbole that not only makes no sense but is unfair to Murray.

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