Yasmani Grandal’s welcome-back party powers White Sox past Cubs

So Yasmani Grandal got thrown out of a Triple-A game during a rehab assignment.

Grandal returned to the Chicago White Sox on Friday night, exploding for four hits, two homers and a franchise-record eight RBIs in a bonkers 17-13 win over the Crosstown-rival Chicago Cubs.

But everything you need to know about what his presence means to the White Sox happened a night earlier in Charlotte, when he lasted just one at-bat in the final game of his stint working his way back from knee surgery.

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“Actually it goes back to Tuesday,” Grandal explained with a smile on his face after Friday’s game. “The umpires just had a really bad game. After the game, as they were walking down the tunnel, I just let them know: ‘Hey, you guys had a really good day today.’ Guy that was at third base (that night) apparently really didn’t like it. He was behind the plate yesterday.

“I struck out (in the first inning). I turned around, didn’t look at him, and I told myself that that was a really bad at-bat, not quite that way, but I didn’t scream it out loud, I said it under my breath. He thought I was talking to him, and that’s why he threw me out.

“No matter if I’m playing in the minor leagues or the big leagues, if I’m catching, that’s my staff. That’s the way…

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