WR Anthony Miller | Football 101

When the Texans trade for, or sign, a veteran, my first inclination is to go back and see what I thought about that player coming out of college. Now, if a guy has been in the league for a couple of contracts, then I won’t as much. But, I will always rely on my eyes for guys that have been drafted in the last three or four years.

Over the weekend, the Texans traded for former Chicago Bears/former Memphis Tigers receiver Anthony Miller. We saw him in December when the Texans played in Chicago, but I’m going to be honest, with the way that day went down, I don’t remember ANYTHING from that game. So, I went back to when I studied Miller closely – his days at Memphis. In the 2018 Harris 100, I had him slotted at No. 65 and the Bears selected him at No. 51. Here’s was my scouting report on him from that year:

“He’s a slot receiver extraordinaire. Miller didn’t always line up in the slot at Memphis, but he will at the next level. He has the quick feet to get him in and out of his cuts and he adjusts to the ball well. I don’t think he’s blinding fast, in fact, he’s quicker than he is fast. When he’s in the slot v. man or match quarters, he’s a killer. The slot fade or corner out of that inside position was…

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