Would Celtics’ Marcus Smart be a fan favorite if he played for 76ers?

At the heart of the Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers rivalry are two of the NBA’s premier instigators: Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid.

Smart and Embiid were at it again Wednesday night, with the former complaining about the latter “flailing” to get foul calls. Embiid snapped back with a dig at Smart, setting up what should be an entertaining rematch Friday night in Philadelphia.

Philly fans surely would boo Smart if Wells Fargo Arena was full Friday night. But in a special crossover edition of the Celtics Talk Podcast, NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Sixers Talk duo of Ben Berry and Danny Pommels admitted that the gritty Celtics guard would be beloved in Philly if he played for the Sixers.

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“If he was in Philly, they would love that dude,” Berry told NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg and Max Lederman. “Because he’s just all grit and determination and hustle and scrappy plays. Yeah, he does flop a bit and have a bit of that Kyle Lowry in him, but I think that basketball IQ that he brings to the Celtics really elevates them in a lot of situations.”

While Pommels could do without Smart’s flopping, he agreed that Sixers fans would fully embrace the 26-year-old guard, who excels at getting under the skin of his opponents.

“He’s the guy you would love…

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