Woody Paige: Quarterback choices will be up to new Denver Broncos GM George Paton

George Paton will have the final declaration of decree regarding the Broncos’ quarterback — specifically if another Rocky Mountain-quaking acquisition in the tradition of John Elway and Peyton Manning is involved.

Elway himself responded to the mindful matter Tuesday at the 45-minute introductory media Zoom conference.

I asked John, who remains president of football operations, that should the new general manager bring him a potential trade for, say, a franchise-type quarterback who could cost the Broncos three first-round draft choices and two star players, would he invoke veto power or offer his opinion and allow George to make the ruling.

“I’m going to add my input obviously on something that has such a huge impact that you are talking about,’’ Elway told us from his kitchen.

“But, ultimately, it’s going to be George’s decision.’’

Of course, the 50 people on the video call, and everyone in Colorado and parts unknown, and Elway, knew I was talking about the elephants, or, more clearly, the quarterbacks, who weren’t in the room — Deshaun Watson of the Texans at this moment and Drew Lock, the starter with the Broncos for the time being.

Paton announced earlier in the 45-minute session: “We all want a franchise quarterback.’’

Later, he added a foot(ball)note: “But, obviously, we’re looking.’’

Will Lock be The Man?

Would Watson become The Savior?

Elway was The Man, The Myth, The Savior.

He was traded from the Colts in 1983 for the Broncos’ first-round…

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