Woody Paige: Garett Boles, Rulon Gardner are two favorite underdog overachievers

The two Sasquatch-sized men with Colorado Springs connections shared similar ambitions.

“I want to be the best Greco-Roman wrestler in the world,’’ Rulon Gardner told me in 2000.

“I want to be the best tackle to play this game,’’ Garett Bolles said Tuesday at Dove Valley.

Gardner, once mocked as a fat farm boy and later sacked as a college football player, became the Olympic gold medalist, beating Russian bear Aleksandr Karelin in the most remarkable individual upset ever.

Bolles, who was ridiculed as a kid troublemaker and condemned for three years as a Broncos offensive lineman, has been named the midseason All-Pro left tackle by Pro Football Focus and is a cinch to be selected to the Pro Bowl.

Gardner and Garett, a combined 584 pounds and 12-foot-7 of mass, are my two favorite underdog overachievers.

They may look like Yetis and have been treated like abominable plowmen, but the G-Whiz Guys are tough, ready teddy bears who overcame the system and their own failings. To those who booed and were cruel to them, shame on you.

Rulon is 49; Garett will be 29 next year. Unfortunately, they have never met. Both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they are alike and would like each other.

Twenty-one years and 200 miles of separation, Gardner grew up in Afton, Wyoming, as one of nine children on a milk farm, and Bolles lived as a youth in…

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