Woody Paige: A boycott won’t help dismal Colorado Rockies situation

The word “boycott’’ originated with Captain Charles Boycott (I’m not making this up) who was a real estate agent in Ireland in 1880 when tenants demanded a 25 percent decrease in rentals. When Boycott refused, the Irish Land League organized a protest; farmers moved; businesses refused to trade with Boycott, and workers wouldn’t harvest crops.

The “Boycott’’ was a success, and boycott became synonymous with refusing to buy certain products or dealing with a specific company.

However, a massive campaign for a 20th and Blake Street Boycott, which some Rockies’ incensed factions and banal mediarites are proposing, is not achievable on a full scale and honestly will hurt more than help. In a half-century as a columnist, I’ve never supported a boycott and won’t start now.

The Bros. Monfort will not be coerced into selling the Rockies because they’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars after investing negligible amounts in ownership; the franchise’s value will continue to rise beyond $1.3 billion after the pandemic ends, and Dick and Charlie are intent on keeping the ball in the family with their sons and daughters.

This old Cowtown is all about heirs apparent inheriting riches and taking command of the sports franchises — the Kroenkes (Nuggets, Avalanche and Rapids), the bickering Bowlens (Broncos) and the Monforts (Rockies).

A boycott will not serve its envisioned purpose. Baseball fans will continue going to the ballpark on special promotion nights (fireworks, bobblehead doll, free hot dogs),…

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