With Kirk Cousins’ future uncertain, Vikings might use No. 12 pick in draft on a quarterback

The Vikings just might try a quarterback do-over with the No. 12 pick in this year’s NFL draft.

In 2011, the Vikings were desperate for a quarterback when they surprised many by selecting Florida State’s Christian Ponder at No. 12 in the draft. Rick Spielman was running that draft as vice president of player personnel, but would be promoted to general manager in January 2012.

Ponder never panned out, and that didn’t help Spielman’s early years in his new job. But the former GM did manage to last a decade until being fired last Monday along with head coach Mike Zimmer after the Vikings produced losing records the past two seasons.

Soon, the Vikings will have a new general manager, and once again they will be pick No. 12 in the draft. And once again they might take a quarterback.

Kirk Cousins has one year left on his contract for a guaranteed $35 million with a whopping salary-cap number of $45 million, and it’s uncertain if he will be back in 2022. But even if Cousins does return, and barring him signing an extension, the Vikings still might want to look for a quarterback early in the Aug. 28-30 draft in Las Vegas.

“It’s hard to see a new general manager tying his early regime to Kirk Cousins, especially with him having that $45 million cap number next year,” ESPN draft analyst Jordan Reid said. “Kirk is good but he…

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