Why White Sox designated Dallas Keuchel for assignment: ‘It was time’

Between his track record and “the back of the baseball card,” the White Sox wanted to give Dallas Keuchel every opportunity to get back on track.

But they also couldn’t ignore the way Keuchel was trending, and on Saturday designated the veteran lefty for assignment.

“Obviously, the trend from the last couple, especially [Thursday], was enough for us to say it was time to try something else in that spot,” general manager Rick Hahn said Saturday.

Keuchel pitched four and two innings his final two starts: last weekend at the Yankees and Thursday against the Red Sox. He allowed six runs in both outings, as well as three homers.

Keuchel expressed confidence he could turn things around following Thursday’s outing, in which his ERA ballooned to 7.88, but the team informed him Friday they were moving on. 

Hahn said he had a “heart-to-heart conversation” with Keuchel on Friday.

“I’ll keep the bulk of that private but share that he expressed his own disappointment that he wasn’t able to deliver on what we needed from him,” said Hahn of Keuchel, who signed a three-year, $55.5 million deal with the Sox before the 2020 season.

“He certainly was appreciative of the opportunity and wished us well. He was a complete pro during the conversation.” 

Hahn said there was no “magic number of starts” the Sox had in mind for Keuchel to turn things around. But they had been internally talking about the possibility…

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