Why Wembanyama can break the NBA, make the Spurs’ pain worth it

HENDERSON, Nev. — At first, most of them at least tried to keep a straight face. They’d flown in from all over the country, under the guise of research and due diligence, to get a first-hand look at the phenomenon some said you had to see in person to believe.

There were around 200 of them in all — executives, scouts and personnel directors representing every team in the NBA — and for a while they just gawked. Gradually, they started turning to each other and ever-so-slightly shaking their heads. But eventually it was no use trying to hold it in.

By the end of Tuesday night, you could look up at any section of seats in the Dollar Loan Center and see these serious men laughing, because the truth had become hilariously obvious.

Victor Wembanyama is so good, he might break the NBA before he even enters it.

And the Spurs have picked the best time in 20 years to be bad.

This the kind of hyperbole that you think must be overblown, until you get your first look at the 18-year-old Frenchman with a giraffe’s legs and a cheetah’s twitch and an excavator’s arms casually flick a 25-foot jumper through the net like he’s Kevin Durant on a kiddie court.

Wembanyama is listed at 7-foot-2 and claims to be 7-foot-3, but some scouts think he’s closer to 7-foot-5. His exact height might be the only thing to bicker…

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