Why the Mets should hire Buck Showalter

If we learned anything these past few weeks, it’s that Steve Cohen intends to deliver on his promises — at least the ones he has control over. A year ago he talked about the Mets being champions in “three to five years,” and that was catnip for the constituents, but even the most devoted Mets fan understands no owner can possibly guarantee a title.

Cohen did insist he hadn’t bought the Mets to help them add to his fortune, and indeed pledged that he would take advantage of the $14 billion or so war chest he brought to the office in the procurement of players. And look: say what you will about Francisco Lindor’s debut, but Cohen sure paid him. He sure paid Max Scherzer. In one day he bought three positional free agents.

He said something else that first day, which also resonated.

“I don’t like people learning on the job on my dime,” he said, and from the moment those words left his mouth it was clear that Luis Rojas, to name one prominent employee, would have to show an awful lot in his second year as the Mets manager — his second year of learning on the job, as a first-time skipper.

Rojas had the Mets in first place for over 100 days but couldn’t close the deal, and so he will be spending this baseball season, whenever baseball season begins, in The Bronx instead of Queens.…

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