Why OKC Thunder would pass on B/R super team deal for Wiggins

With the OKC Thunder season set to tip off a month from tonight, fans are getting excited to see their favorite players again. Thunder Nation is prepared for another tanking season while analysts and experts are already proclaiming the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets will be the NBA Finalists.

That’s the thing about The NBA — it’s the most trendy league of all the major sports, and the emphasis on Super Teams has never been greater. While the Thunder will take a patient approach seeking to build their new super team to rival the Thunder U years many clubs will veer to the superteam trend.

That means many teams with two superstars will set their sights on adding a third or possibly fourth superstar to join that upper echelon of championship contenders. Even though the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns were the 2021 NBA Finalists many felt they achieved that designation due to circumstances. Factors such as the coronavirus pandemic, untimely injuries, and the truncated season all played a role and most believe 2021 was an outlier.

There is no question talent drives the league, but until a franchise demonstrates utilizing a more evenly balanced group of talents can consistently usurp those superteams this is the reality facing clubs wanting to hoist Larry O’B at season end.

Sam Presti possibly will be the executive to challenge that theory as he conveys up to 35 draft picks in the next…

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