Why now is the Mavericks’ time to shock NBA, trade Kristaps Porzingis for Ben Simmons

There was a time when I dispensed sage advice to the Mavericks head coach via my radio platform on a weekly basis. As it turns out, Rick Carlisle is in Indiana and I haven’t had a radio show in over a year, so this seems the best space to present the kind of logic that could elevate the club from its decade-long playoff slump.

Dallas needs to trade Kristaps Porzingis to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons.

There. I said it. Thought about it for two months, thought about it more the last two weeks since Simmons demanded a trade out of Philly. And, with the NFL season kicking off, if you think this is a weird time to be throwing out Mavericks thoughts, NBA training camps open in two weeks.

Offseasons are a thing of the past.

The basics: Simmons is 25, Porzingis is 26 and both are overpaid. But their overpayment is close enough that they fit the NBA’s salary-cap trade demands without turning it into a complicated seven-player deal.

Simmons is a three-time all-Star and a two-time all-defense first-teamer. Let me say that last part again. Simmons has been on the league’s first unit all-defense team the last two seasons. If you’re a lifetime Mavericks fan, this may be an unfamiliar concept. A franchise that came into our land in 1980 and has produced one title but 23 playoff appearances has never had a player make the first team…

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