Why Giants are ‘encouraged’ by Kenny Golladay despite slow start

It was a Chamber of Commerce morning at Giants training camp Friday, but the mild temperature did not prevent some overheated feelings from arising.

Kenny Golladay caught a pass over the middle and then got cracked by TJ Brunson, a second-year linebacker. Hard. Probably too hard for the time and place and drill and situation.

Golladay did not appreciate the extra contact and made that known to Brunson. Center Nick Gates, who never met a scuffle he did not seek to join, filled the role as peacekeeper, in his own aggressive way.

“That’s football,” Golladay said afterward. “You know, there’s a lot of competition going on out there, a lot of guys out there just competing. So like I said, it’s football, it’s going to happen.”

Golladay is big enough to handle himself in a crowd, which is why the Giants targeted him this offseason and gave him a four-year contract worth $72 million, with $40 million in guaranteed money. Golladay, 27, did plenty of nice things in his four years with the Lions, but for this cash outlay, the Giants expect even more from him.

Kenny Golladay (l.) runs around Sterling Shepard at Giants training camp on July 29, 2021.Corey Sipkin

The first three days of his first camp with the Giants have not exactly been a showcase for Golladay. He has gotten his receptions, but there has not been much over the top. When he has been matched…

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