Why Brady Quinn says ‘it’s over’ for Dwayne Haskins in Washington

One of the greatest mysteries presented by this 2020 Washington Football Team season surrounds the future of quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Washington decimated whatever potential trade value Haskins may have had by not only benching him after a Week 4 loss to Baltimore, but demoting him to third string. Haskins hasn’t dressed in the three weeks since, letting every other club in the NFL know exactly what Washington’s coaching staff thinks of him.

Although overtures were made — via leaks from the team and Haskins’ own camp — about a potential Haskins trade, nothing ever came of them. Because after all, teams are looking to add players who can help them win now at the trade deadline. Taking on someone else’s project is work left for the offseason.

What comes next for Haskins? With a revolving door of incoming talent from the college ranks, the league moves on quickly from quarterbacks, perhaps quicker than any other position. A QB prospect can go from first-round pick to being pigeonholed as a backup or ‘project QB’ in the blink of an eye, and once they’ve been stripped of their label as a potential starter, the gulf between their current lot and opportunity becomes ever-widening.

It took 12 starts across parts of three seasons for the Browns to determine it was time to move on from Brady Quinn, the 22nd overall pick in 2007. It was three years and two NFL stops later before…

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