Who needs dribbles anyway?

After Amir Coffey entered the starting lineup against Memphis, Nicolas Batum said that Coffey was like him because both of them instinctively know how to create plays with their movement. When Ty Lue was broached with the comparison, he laughed it off, saying that Coffey might be like a young Batum, because the current version “can’t dribble no more”.

Even if Batum is scared of putting the ball on the floor — and the Clippers veteran noted that this has become a talking point every day between him and Ty Lue — that hasn’t diminished his effectiveness on the court, because Batum doesn’t need to dribble to make plays. He isn’t the primary creator, so he can facilitate simply by pinging the ball around the court. Or he can be a play finisher, meaning he just goes up with the ball the moment he gets it.

The ability to affect the game without dribbling was on full display in LA’s win over Indiana Monday, as Batum scored 32 points, all in the second half, while only dribbling twice before his 11 made field goals. It had shades of Klay Thompson scoring 60 points while using only 11 dribbles, if only halfway. Take a look.

“From the talk we had before the Atlanta game, just moving the basketball, sharing the ball, I thought guys have made a conscious effort just trying to do that,” Lue said postgame. “We haven’t made shots,…

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