White Sox’ Michael Kopech continuing on road to starting rotation

Michael Kopech’s journey to the starting rotation took another step forward Friday.

We’ll see how many steps it will take him to finally get there.

The White Sox slow-playing of Kopech makes all the sense in the world after the fireballer missed the last two seasons. His use this year as a multi-inning bullpen weapon/spot starter has been a revelation, and it’s hard to imagine things working out better than they have so far as the starting rotation shines without him, not forcing him into starting action earlier than necessary.

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But it’s possible Kopech is one injury or a bout of underperformance away from being pressed into more regular starting duty, making spot starts like Friday’s important for keeping the White Sox top depth piece ready.

“Long-term plan for me, or long-term goal for me, at least, is to get back into the starting rotation and get comfortable doing a five-day routine,” Kopech said. “But right now, I’m going to pitch whenever Tony (La Russa) wants me to pitch and do my job every time I go out there. And it’s been working.

“I’ve had a couple outings where I don’t feel super sharp. But I’m still getting pretty good results, so I can’t really complain about that. Just getting a chance when there’s an opening to get into a start and try to do what I can in a start,…

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