White Sox: 2 non-vaxed players to sit out Blue Jays series

The White Sox will place two players on the restricted list before their series in Toronto next week because they are not vaccinated, general manager Rick Hahn said.

Players who are not vaccinated cannot enter Canada and therefore cannot play games against the Blue Jays in Toronto. Teams may place those players on the restricted list, where they do not receive pay or accrue service time.

“We’ve got a couple more games to play before we get to that point,” Hahn said Saturday. “Similar to what other teams have had to deal with on their way in.

“I certainly respect the fact that that’s the law of the land up there and we’ll be compliant.”

The White Sox visit the Rays in Tampa Bay next weekend after the three-game series at the Blue Jays, a tough stretch against two playoff contenders.

“I’d say overall, as an organization from top to bottom,” Hahn said, “we have done a tremendous job in terms of doing everything we can in our power to get people vaxed, get people protected and take care of themselves, take care of their teammates, their family, their communities. 

“As a whole, the organization can be very proud of that fact, and I think you set a really good example for others. 

“The fact that a couple individuals exercise their right to make an individual choice, I respect that and look forward to them rejoining us in Tampa.”


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