Whicker: Rams try to postpone the future when they face Kyler Murray’s quick feet Monday night

Three years ago, Philip Rivers told somebody to hold his Pepsi. He went onto the dance floor at a playoff game in Baltimore.

Rivers, whose feet were his least functional collection of cells, somehow slithered his way for a 9-yard gain on third-and-eight. As the Chargers whooped and as San Diego blinked, Rivers stood there for a second and then gave the first down sign, the way the real runners do, dozens of times on an NFL weekend. It was far rarer than a pitcher hitting a home run. Funnier, too.

Rivers is now retired, followed at some point by quarterbacks like him. Where he was pointing was the future.

On Monday night the Rams will run Matthew Stafford out there against the Cardinals in a playoff game, and Arizona will counter with Kyler Murray.

On some days Stafford is a better quarterback than Murray. But there are more Murrays on the way than Staffords.

A quarterback running with intent is the most exciting, and maybe the most ironic, part of what the NFL has become.

Stafford has rushed 377 times for 1,241 yards in 13 years of NFL duty. In Murray’s three years his legs have covered 1,786 yards, at 5.7 per pop, and scored 20 touchdowns.

Of the top 11 rushing QBs in league history, four are still playing: Cam Newton (2nd), Russell Wilson (4th), Lamar Jackson (7th) and Aaron Rodgers (11th).

The yardage leader is Michael Vick,…

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