Whicker: Rams get their energy from a Kupp that’s never full

Nick Edwards was a senior at Eastern Washington when Cooper Kupp was a redshirt freshman. Three years later Edwards became his position coach.

He knows that you know a lot about Kupp, the NFL leader in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns in 2021. He also knows what you don’t know.

“My man could eat, now,” Edwards said, laughing. “He changed his body drastically, took over the weight room … but he could eat. He could go through a carton of eggs in a day.”

“But mostly I remember how he would work with tennis balls and the JUGS machine like a veteran. He would keep us out there after practice, as a redshirt. He always took it to another level. He was a consumer of ‘ball.’”

Edwards is now the offensive coordinator at Cal Poly. He hopes he finds a pupil as ravenous, or as talented, as Kupp. He doesn’t expect both.

“A lot of people can’t go the extra mile,” he said. “Maybe they can do it once. The things he did were consistent.”

Kupp’s entire 2021 season was a Hunger Game.

The Rams threw him the ball 191 times over 17 games, an NFL high, and he caught it 75.6% of the time.

He took his catches 331 more yards than anyone else in the league. He caught 12 more passes than anyone else. He caught two more touchdown passes than anyone else. He gained 67 more yards…

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