Which teams are most likely to trade draft picks in 2022 NBA Draft?

Just over one week removed from the NBA Draft lottery, there have yet to be any concrete reports directly tying teams to trades involving their 2022 first-round picks, but deductive reasoning is already leading to speculation.

The Kings, who own the fourth pick, and the Blazers, who pick seventh, are both having rival executives do the talking for them. The idea from the outside is that those teams want to compete now rather than wait on a top draft pick to develop in their system.

That makes sense and the same reasoning could be applied to the Pelicans, who pick eighth. They just made the postseason and already have a lot of young players they hope will continue to ascend in the coming years.

The Wizards are behind all of those teams with the dust still settling on their own draft position, at 10th overall, after they didn’t move up or down in the lottery. They could consider either trading up or down, if they like a player expected to go ahead of them or if they want to maybe get two players instead of one later in the first round.

Let’s examine some of those possibilities in terms of which teams could be trade partners and which players the Wizards could target in those deals.

If the Wizards moved up to fourth in a deal with the Kings, it would be costly, but maybe it would be to take Jaden…

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