Where should Eagles’ Jalen Hurts really be ranked among all NFL quarterbacks?

Every time Chris Simms puts out a quarterback ranking, all hell breaks loose.

Which is why these rankings are so much fun. They give us plenty to talk about during a quiet time in the middle of the offseason.

Full disclosure: Simms is a recurring guest on the Eagle Eye podcast and a friend of the show, as they say. We have a lot of respect for him as an analyst, and he always puts a lot of thought into everything he does.

That said, Simms is out of his mind.

Ranking Hurts 25th in his QB rankings this year is just as ridiculous as not ranking him at all last year.

As he does every offseason, Simms is releasing his NFL quarterback rankings in installments, five at a time. He’s put out everything up through No. 20 so far, and he’s got Hurts No. 25 … ranked lower than Daniel Jones, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence.

Here’s the problem: Simms writes that the rankings are “not about career potential” but where a quarterback is right now.

But without seeing the top 20 yet, here are my initial questions:

• How do you rank Jones ahead of Hurts? Jones is 13-25 in three years as a starting quarterback, he’s two years older than Hurts, he’s never won more than five games in a season and he’s averaged 16 ½ touchdowns per season.

• How do you rank Wilson ahead…

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