Where National sites rank OKC Thunder: week 15 power rankings

In week 15 of the NBA power rankings, the OKC Thunder got hit hard by the national pundits. Many teams are dealing with the slog of winter or the dog days of winter as many refer to it.

The East is a topsy turvy universe with several of the clubs who were at the top of the ladder plummeting due to injuries or tough schedules while teams who appeared out of the running have found their mojo.

The West continues to be dominated by a trio of teams and every club is looking ahead 10 days to the trade deadline.

Where National sites seed OKC Thunder in week 15 power rankings

Without Shai Gilgeous-Alexander the team was in tough trying to survive without him and subsequently, the losing continued. With only two games on the schedule, unfortunately, they fell to both the Bulls and Pacers extending the streak to seven in a row.

Here’s how the national pundits ranked them.

OKC Thunder power ranking – NBA.com:

It took a while to happen but the OKC Thunder drop to the bottom of John Schuhmann’s power rankings this week.

The stats master spends time this week looking at the Thunder offense or as he puts it their anemic offense. He notes the loss of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and how that will impact the club moving forward, particularly in clutch time.

Part of the Thunder excerpt is below. To view it in its entirety along with…

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