What the win means for the Giants; team reacts to DJ’s one-handed catch on trick play

Below is what everyone saw from their vantage point:

QB Daniel Jones: “It was a pretty unathletic route getting out there, so he put it out there for me and I just tried to pull it in. Good play, good design, something we’d worked on all week. Good throw by Dante. … I think it was a good throw. I don’t think the route was very good and I don’t think I was moving very fast. I’ve been on the other end of that, so I get mad at guys and I did the same thing there. I think it was a good throw and Dante’s thrown it well all week. He’s done a good job with it and just tried to execute it.”

WR Dante Pettis: “I thought that was a dime if he would have kept running (laughs). He made a great catch, so I guess it worked out even better. Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good throw. … I honestly didn’t see the hit. As soon as I saw him pull it in, I turned around and fist pumped. I was celebrating already. I didn’t even know he got hit like that honestly, so, sorry Daniel.”

Coach Joe Judge: “I thought he did a heck of a job on that trick play we had with the catch. We weren’t really going for originality on that, but we thought it could be effective and he made…

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