What LeBron James is weighing with possible Lakers extension looming

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On the very week that could determine the rest of his NBA career, LeBron James let the world know where he was.

El Segundo. At the Lakers’ practice facility. Playing hoops with his two sons.

James is notorious for signaling, subtly or otherwise, his intentions and feelings about his career. This offseason has seen him on social media a lot (tweeting himself into controversy at times, even) but he’s also been in gyms across the country, both working out with other players and well-known trainers, but also traipsing around following Bronny and Bryce on the AAU circuit. So seeing him with his family in the Lakers’ facility felt significant. We’ll learn just how committed he and the Lakers are to each other when James becomes eligible Thursday to sign a two-year, $97 million contract extension that would him in purple-and-gold through his age-40 season.

The last few years have made it clear that family means the world to James. But he’s also impatient about fielding another contender, which the Lakers fell far short of last season. What are the factors that will determine how this shakes out? A quick primer:


James is entering the last year of the two-year extension he signed in 2020, while the franchise was still…

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